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Are your rentals compliant with the new healthy homes bill?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

From mid-2021, all rental homes will be required by law to have a heater in the living room and an extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom.

Contact us for pricing to suit your property and book your install now to save and beat the rush to comply!!

5.0KW Heating & 4.2KW Cooling.Healthy home bill compliant.

Back to back install only (meaning the indoor & outdoor unit are installed on the same wall within 5 meters of each other).

Beat the rush get in now with this exceptional promo deal.

Other sizes are available please call or email for pricing - 0800 287 452 or

We are qualified Master electricians and will issue a Certificate of Compliance upon completion of the work.

Rental homes will also be required to have extraction units in all bathrooms and kitchens.

Combine 2 or 3 of our deals for a special combo price* (please call 0800 287 452 or email for details).

Extractor fan for the bathroom $599+GST Installed

Rangehood for the Kitchen $752+GST Installed 

*Based on site visit. GET A QUOTE

We are qualified electricians and property management specialists, we offer all property managers discounted labour on all work carried out.

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