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Which Heat Pump is right for me?


As Mitsubishi Heat Pump Specialists we can help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right Heat Pump for your home.


Choosing the right size and model of heat pump is important to ensure your home is comfortable and stylish. Location, room size, and insulation levels in a room are all factors that determine which heat pump size should be installed.  

Use our heat pump calculator to select the best size and model of Heat Pump for your home.

Simply enter the room dimensions and insulation level and we'll recommend the models that would suit your home.

Select the model(s) of your choice and complete the contact form and we'll be in touch with a detailed quote.

Suggested Output:


Recommended Heat Pump Models

GS Series

AP Series

Recommended Model: 

Recommended Model: 

AP60-80VG_cmyk 2.jpg

Energy Efficient Heat Pump with optional WiFi Control


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Energy Efficient Heat Pump with built in WiFi Control


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LN Series

Floor Console

Recommended Model: 

Recommended Model: 

inverter_MFZ-KJ_front_cmyk 2.jpg

Premium Heat pump with Plasma filter and built in WiFi Control


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With their slimline design, our floor consoles are a great renovation option; fitting neatly into cavities left by the removal of fireplaces or night-store heaters.


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† Higher rated unit for application, but can be used.

One more step...

Will your install be back to back? This means the indoor and outdoor unit being installed on the same wall with no longer than a 5M pipe run between the 2 units.


If your install is not back to back extra charges may apply. Please email if you are unsure.

Submit for your FREE no obligation quote


Simply complete the contact form below and we will be in touch with a quote to supply and install your preferred heat pump.

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